Decorative Ceramic Coating

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Renovating tiled walls is time consuming, expensive and messy work.

Decotile is your alternative solution. It is not a "quick-fix" - it is a durable and stylish facelift for old tiled surfaces. Decotile is decorative, easy-to-clean ceramic coating that forms a very hard and smooth surface. It can be delivered in wide range of different colours (RAL-chart). After installation, also grouts are protected and are easy to clean.

And for designers, we have good news for you: custom order gives you possibility to choose any colour you want! And it is totally up to you, what kind of piece of art you would like to have on your wall.

Decotile coating solution for various spaces

Decotile ceramic coating can be used in industrial kitchens, public toilets and bathrooms. Installation is done much faster compared to the traditional method, where old tiles are removed and changed. With Decotile, tiles and grouts will have the same easy-to-clean coloured surface. For floors we recommend textured anti-slip for enhanced safety.

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Decotile features

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Outstanding UV-resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Textured option for floorings
  • Endless options for colours
  • Tiles and grouts are the same colour
  • Available as satin or glossy finish

High quality innovation

Decotile is based on Finnester Coatings' Ceraster hybrid chemistry. As it has excellent chemical resistace, it can easily handle all types of commonly used detergents and cleaning agents. Moreover, due to high temperature resistance,Decotile is also very suitable for a industrial kitchen floors.

Decotile is durable solution for old tiled walls and floors. Usually the shape of the tile is timeless, but the colour or the colour mix of tiles are outdated. Decotile ceramic coating is perfect solution for a customer who does not want to have a long, noisy and dusty demolition yard on their premises. Decotile is installed by a certified applicator, who also issues argeed guarantee. It has been developed for a public end user. Its durability and adhesion are at the level never seen in the market before. This is due to hybrid chemistry backbone.

Decotile ceramic coating is sold internationally and the distributor chain is growing rapidly.

Get in contact with us if you wish to know more about Decotile.

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